Power Projects Development

With energy access at not more than 40 percent across Southern Africa, the energy sector continues to have great potential for utility-scale energy projects. As a power projects development company with the right knowledge of advanced renewable energy technologies and strategies we bring investors, developers and operators together to produce the vital provision of energy in a profitable and sustainable way. As experts in the power generation industry we provide the resources needed to make a new project successful to meet the growing demand for power and energy. We work with the key players in the industry and help them reach their goals by creating power plants that are more efficient with fewer emissions.

Commercial Solar Solutions

Commercial energy solutions are at the heart of enabling businesses achieve higher energy efficiency while lowering the organisations reliance on an unstable national grid. Whether the focus of the project is offsetting current energy usage and reducing energy bills or seeking a good investment choice, our team works with clients to develop commercial solar power systems that reflect their energy usage and budget. We work with several established leading brands in electrical, wind, solar thermal and solar photovoltaics technologies to deliver a state of the art roof-top, car park or open-field project. We also offer various financing options that enable uptake while lowering the initial investment required with a goal of ensuring a good return on investment.



Energy Equipment Supply

Affordable, reliable and good quality energy equipment remains a key barrier to achievement of sustainable energy projects implementation in Africa. With this barrier, there has been a growing misconception on the ability and reliability of solar and other renewable energy technologies to meet Africa’s growing energy demands. Our goal has therefore been to ensure the adequate availability of affordable solar and other key energy equipment at wholesale and retail levels to meet the needs of any project size. To achieve this we work with several industry leading manufacturers with a track record of delivery and whose equipment meets stringent international certification standards. We also continuously research on new standards so as to stay ahead of the trends


Domestic Installations

Uptake of distributed solar and other renewable energy solutions at the domestic and community level remains a key step towards achieving energy independence and achievement of the sustainable development goals. Tied to this is ensuring energy solutions that are targeted at the base of the pyramid communities who have the least access to a reliable grid. At ENRAPOWER we offer various solutions including domestic electrical installation, solar installations, energy audits and energy system design. We offer various financing options that lower the burden of uptake for households, small businesses and communities.